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Sponsorship Information

Kitty Colony is a 501c3 non profit organization who depends on people like you to support our cats.  If you would consider making a contribution to sponsor one of our kitties, a donation of $25.00 will provide basic care for one month.  Donations are easily made using our PayPal account. 

While all of our cats are available for sponsorship, we have in our care many sanctuary kitties that have been with us on a long-term basis and we need your help to enable us to continue to meet their needs and give them the care they deserve.  Sanctuary kitties are our less adoptable cats with special medical needs and/or behavioral concerns. 

*** <webpage under construction, each picture will eventually link to a cat's personal page and story> ***



         (pictured above from left to right are : Cynthia, Brenna, and Rascal)

(Gemma, Giavanna and Bree)

(Este, Evie and Cedric)

(Jasper, Kaliyah and Mimi)

(Sheba, Lauren and Leonardo)

(Windy, Tilly, Kirsti and Francine)